Howdy folks – just want to say hi and spill a bit of my current thoughts. Hope you don’t mind.

How are things going for all of you? Things are beginning to look up for me which is a blessing for sure. I sometimes wish I could turn my brain off but when you have a passion for something that is rather difficult. My passions are definitely my creations – not just my art but my son as well and my business!

Recently I was asked why I make what I make? Great question – my simple answer would be because it makes me feel good. But that answer becomes much more difficult when I throw in why I pursued it as a business person. Simple – to make a living. To supplement my income. And mostly because now that I have been seriously doing it and people are interested I LOVE CHALLENGE! And I can’t think of anything that has challenged me more than being a business woman. Wow have I learned tons – sure I have worked in various fields but it was always working for someone else – I didn’t have a lot to lose except my job. But working my business is sooooo different – I don’t have anyone except myself when things go awry (spelling?).┬áBut the good news is I am up for the challenge most all the time – I would be telling a lie if I said it was always a positive experience, but just like life – there are some downward turns.

I want to build my business to a point that I can retire in 3 years from my j-o-b. To do so I need to get this business going better than it is. I am hopeful though because I am doing better this year (6 months) already than I did all of last year (12 months).

I laugh at all of the new things I am needing to learn to continue growing this business. I strive so hard to continue to bring smiles to those who are my repeat customers and look forward to new customers – it is not all about the money – I love the satisfaction I feel when someone compliments my work and shares their joy or happiness or feelings when receiving it.

Well, enough of my rambling for one evening. For those of you reading this – thank you! I appreciate you more than you will ever know!



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