Color Chart – All Colors Available 

Color Chart

Color Chart

I am excited to announce all the colors available to you when considering customization.

There are 100 to choose from – I don’t think I can choose a favorite – I love all colors – how about you?

I’ve been reading about colors a lot lately and didn’t realize there was so much that plays a part in what we choose to wear or to have in our surroundings. I thought I would post some of my findings below – these are not mine, but rather what was found on the wide wide world of the internet. Although much of this is used when planning a wedding, I believe it could apply to our day to day life as well. Let me know if you agree with what is said about those listed below – I would love to hear from you!

Black: Black is the darkest of all colors and to dream of black can have a number of different meanings. It is often a color associated with loneliness, sadness, emptiness, mourning, and depression. It can often signify the unknown or mysteriousness. Black can also mean hatred, fear, anger, and darkness.

Blue: Blue is a cool, often tranquil and peaceful color. We often see blue associated with water, heaven, and the sky. It can signify a flowing of ideas/thoughts, creativity, calming, loyalty, honesty, and soothing feelings, or relaxation. Blue can sometimes also mean sad and depressed (feeling blue).

Brown: Brown is an earthy color that we often associate with dirt, stone, and wood. To dream of the color brown often means you need to be “grounded” or need to go back to the origin of a problem. Brown can mean friendliness, trustworthiness, and wholesomeness (think whole grain bread). Since brown is a darker shade of orange, it can also mean a dulled sense of hopefulness and adventure. Light brown or beige can mean neutrality or predictability.

Gray: Gray, a mixture of white and black, is a neutral color. It can mean indecision, uncertainty, or confusion. It may mean isolation or detachment. It may also mean lifeless or dull.

Green: Green is another cool color that can signify peace and tranquility. Green is a color of healing and hope. Green can often mean “go”, such as power on button or a traffic light. Green can symbolize newness and freshness. It can also symbolize money, wealth, riches, and prosperity.

Orange: Orange is a fun, bright and bold color and often symbolizes hope, freshness, zest, vigor, and optimism. Orange is a stimulating color that can be a symbol for hunger, desire, creativity, or sociability. Orange makes you feel alive and well and on top of the world. Orange is an uplifting, optimistic, positive and motivational color which exudes warmth and happiness.

Orange in your wedding colors will create a friendly and social mood with lots of chatting amongst the guests, laughter, fun and enthusiasm.

  • Choosing orange among your wedding colors means you are independent and competitive, assertive, extroverted and uninhibited, and always on the go.
  • You are a people person and will have a large and active social circle, enjoy partying and planning all types of social events – orange people are the life of the party, the uninhibited performer! So planning your wedding will be a great deal of fun for you!
  • Your life together will be stimulating and social, one of spontaneity, fun and adventure with a great enthusiasm for life – you really dislike everyday routine. 
  • Being a free spirit with a great sense of adventure, your marriage will be full of new challenges as you explore the world around you. You will move on easily from any setbacks you

Pink: Pink is a lighter shade of red, and can be a symbol of romance, love, sharing, generosity, kindness, affection, protection, and innocence. It can also be a symbolism of notice/observation.

Purple: Purple, the combination of blue and red, is considered to be a very spiritual and majestic color. It is sometimes associated with royalty and good judgement. Purple is a very creative and inspiring color and possesses a mixture of passion with calmness. Violet, a lighter shade of purple, can mean delicate, precious, or highly regarded. Shades of deep/dark purple may represent moodiness.

Red: Red can mean many different things to different people, so when interpreting a dream with the color red, it is important you think about the context of the color in the dream and in connection with your waking life. For some it may mean love, romance, passion, lust, desire, and intimacy. For others it may mean anger or violence or to control and over power. Dreaming of red can also be a warning (ever hear the expression, raised a red flag?) or a sign to stop (think traffic lights and stop signs).

White: White is the opposite of black. It signifies love, acceptance, purity, peace, knowledge and brightness. While white usually has positive connotations, it can sometimes have a negative meaning, as white is a color of mourning in Eastern cultures. There are also many sayings and phrases that use the color white that may be applied to your dream, such as “white out” and “white wash”, which mean to cover up/conceal.

Yellow: Yellow is a color with various meanings, usually either positive or negative depending on the context of it being used in the dream. On the positive side it can mean innocence, hope, happiness, and lightheartedness – to have a “sunny disposition”. 


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