Customers Inspire Me and Make Me Glad I Create Memorable Keepsakes

Thankful for Good Folks

I have wanted to blog about this for a bit of time and because life sometimes gets in the way….I have put it off so hopefully I can finish this and send out so you can enjoy and be inspired as well. I decided the title should be “Customers Inspire Me and Make Me Glad I Create Memorable Keepsakes”.

Occasionally a customer’s request really touches me and this one certainly did – “my heart runneth over” for sure and I feel so honored to being asked to¬†create this.

Jay sent me an order request (I will call him “Jay” to protect his identity). It was a very simple request that he wanted to have something special made for his mom; a letter from his late father that had been written to his mom. And of course, I said I could do this. But after reading the letter that he wanted me to copy and frame with embellishments I realized immediately how very special this request truly was. The words went like this:

“Today is Jody’s birthday. Another one of so many we have spent together since 1969. It is early morning and I lay next to her watching her sleep. How could I have been so lucky? Such a beautiful woman, more beautiful inside than out. Young in looks and spirit. She can fit in with our young daughters and have fun like she was a kid again! Was it a fluke or was it God who blessed me soooo much by putting her into my life? Yes… I realize, I AM blessed indeed. I study the lines of her face… (I hope I didn’t put them there!) But I know them oh so well… this is the face which will stay in my vision and mind for eternity. When I think of love, I think of her. She is not just my wife, she is a part of me. We live together, we breathe together… we strive for life – together. Oh… I see her beautiful blue eyes flutter as she wakens. I begin to softly sing in her ear. ‘Happy Birthday to you! You live in a zoo! You look like a monkey… and you smell like one too!’ I am nothing, if not a romantic.” -TB

Jay also indicated that his mother liked lilies, and her favorite color was blue and he wanted to add some black to it as well. So I soaked this up and waited for inspiration and this is what I created.

Customers Inspire Me and Make Me Glad I Create Memorable Keepsakes

Customers Inspire Me and Make Me Glad I Create Memorable Keepsakes

Display idea

Customers Inspire Me and Make Me Glad I Create Memorable Keepsakes

Relaxing and pondering

I’m not sure if I was touched because of his dad’s ability to express his feelings or his son’s ability to know that this would certainly be a “forever valued gift”. Maybe it was a little of both but it meant so much to be a part of creating such a memorable keepsake for someone like myself, had lost her husband through death….that is a hard one losing a spouse and my heart goes out to her and I hope she will be ok… does take a bit of time to come to a moment when you feel you will be ok and having something like this to refer to will hopefully bring her a smile amidst her sadness. I have no doubt her children will remind her of their dad. and the sweet moments that they all have shared with him.

Well, I will wrap this up and hope this brings you a “feel good” moment.

Warmest regards

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