Debbie K Brown

Debbie Brown

Inspired by the art of Georgia O’Keefe and Claude Monet, I am an award-winning, self-taught artist and the recent recipient of a prize for achievement in an international quilling (not quilting!) competition.

I am a dabbler at heart, so while I have worked in many different media (including watercolors, acrylic & oil painting; sewing, quilting…..), I have long been captivated by the paper art of quilling. My first exposure to quilling was through the work of paper artist Yulia Brodskaya; motivated by her artistry (and encouraged by my sister), I purchased my first quilling kit just 4 years ago (2015). I am now a member of the Little Circles Quilling group, North American Quilling Guild and The Quilling Guild and I have worked diligently to incorporate new techniques and ideas in my work.


My best-known work, for which I won a Grand Prize at the Little Circles annual contest, is “Lighthouse Dream Life.” This epic work captures many of my childhood dreams and memories: my fascination with lighthouses and the dream of living in one, and the location depicted in the work of Goose Pond Hill, where I played as a child with my nine (9) siblings. The bright colors in the piece represent my sister Cherl Fritz’s artistic talent; the irises remind me of my brother Dwight, who still to this day has irises generated from our grandmother and mother’s flower gardens. The Lone Star quilt in yellow & orange, is a replica of her grandmother’s quilt, while the other quilt called “Flower Garden” is a replica of one my mother made. Both hang from the miniature wooden clothesline that I remember from our backyard,  clothes always hanging from it and blowing in the breeze.

Away from art, I am a U.S. Army veteran, mother, wife, and college graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Technical Management degree. A native of Advance, Missouri, I now live in San Diego, California.

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