End of 2016 Reflection and Forward Thinking

It has been an exciting year I must say; not only from my perspective as a new business owner but also as an artist, entrepreneur, mom, etc. I reflect on the year and the only thing I can really say about what kept me going would be my faith in my Heavenly Father. Although I pulled away from church toward the middle of the year, I never pulled away from my creator and even though I might not feel as close to him I know that is coming from me; not because he has forsaken me because he has not – he will love me always and just patiently wait until I turn to him. I really wish I could apply this to my parenting skills….or lack thereof. (totally different topic for another day).

I grew a lot as an artist this year – mainly just being able to call myself an artist has been huge! There are many reasons but I reflect upon a couple I met a few weeks ago at an Arts & Craft show in La Mesa, CA  called Christmas in the Village – they were so kind and so encouraging about my art and have indicated strongly that I should try to get my work into some of the San Diego Art Walks – a goal for me in 2017.(This will require me to come out of my comfort zone)

Looking back on the year, although I was not monetarily successful, my emotional growth has been growing and my confidence level has also increased – I have many people to thank for this. I belong to some wonderful Facebook groups that have been very encouraging and a blessing – have friended some very nice folks. Maybe someday I will write more about this. For some, Facebook can be depressing but if you search for upbeat groups it can be very uplifitng and rewarding.

I have looked at things I can do better in the coming year but have to slap myself on the back because I have made progress in my business and feel very good about the strides I have taken in growing my business. I do know that although I would love to have more $$ coming in that it is not yet time for that and feel confident that I will reach my goals one day….every month gets better and better.

Well gotta end this and do some additional research on who my customers were and really pin down my target market and learn to communicate with them…..I must say that it is the biggest challenge so far.

Thank for taking the time to read this. If you are doubting yourself DON’T! WE CAN ALL DO THINGS!

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