Journey of the Wedding Invitation Keepsake

I hope you enjoy the semi-short video of the “Journey of the Wedding Invitation Keepsake.”

This is probably my most favorite to create; I think because I feel like I am part of a wedding. And who doesn’t love a wedding? So as I am making this for the customer, I think about the couple. Sometimes if they are registered I get a glimpse of their wedding plans and photos which often help me in creating a wedding keepsake unique to them. I also use whatever info that the person ordering this gift shares, such as a theme, if any, and the colors of the wedding. But most importantly, I look at the wedding invitation itself that has been mailed to me and take a bit of time thinking about what would look best with it – what would showcase it best. Then the fun begins!

I hope you get a chance to look over some of my creations and send me a note letting me know which ones of the many I have created that you like best.

I would love it so much if you could share this with your family and friends. Most of you who will receive this blog have already been my customer so you know that I stand behind my creations and take pride in each and everyone that I make.

Thanks so much for your time; I hope you enjoyed this short journey of a wedding keepsake.




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