Learning digital downloads plus some…

Woke up very early because I was excited to start learning something new to add to my on-line business – learning digital download. Oh my – I am using photoshop which I am also attempting to learn and using photos that I am also learning about taking with my camera. It is amazing how much I need to learn in order to continue selling on both my website and my etsy shop…. who knew creating art would require me to wear so many hats. It is rather exhausting if I allow myself to think too hard on it; one of the reasons for this particular blog post – I want to get it out there then go on with it. My journey continues…..

All I thought I would need to do is create my lovely art and jewelry then post it and boom! Someone would buy it…. ha. ha. I look back on what I have been involved in with regard to my business; these are a few that come to mind:

Creating (fun and easy); staging and photography; listing on website and Etsy; marketing; accounting (ugh); posting on social media; managing my time; learning about writing copy and SEO so I get noticed on the wide world web…..the list just goes on and on. Who knew? LOL

Quiet your mind

This is what I want to turn into a digital download today (I need to practice watermarking but this will work for now). This 9 x 12 is a flat canvas that was painted on one of my fun days of getting together with my war buddy. Then I got the idea to add quilling to it (paper) and also a few shells and lastly, a quote.  I laugh at this title – if only I could “quiet my mind” – maybe that is why it seemed appropriate for this beach scene. The beach always soothes me and helps me to “quiet my mind”. But it never really remains quiet for long.

Ok so this was a brief blog of what I am working on today – lol – I really just want to play with my art and the rest of this comes with that if I want to succeed with my business. Focusing is a huge feat at times!!!

One can make money blogging; I could always use some extra cash so like all new things I will eventually learn how – I will just keep trying and in the meantime try to get my mind to stay quiet for a bit.

OK time for me to jump over to another learning opportunity – my serger; yes, that’s right my serger – I will explain another time on how that is going to tie in to my shop.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this. Would love any comments from you.

Take care!

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