Well howdy folks!

It has been a while since I have posted anything – sorry but I have been busy learning so many things; spent the weekend really studying photoshop – that is a program that I have always been curious about and had always wanted to learn just for the fun on it. But it was such an expensive software program that I couldn’t justify making the purchase. But now they have made it affordable by allowing a monthly fee of Adobe Photo Cloud that enables me to use photoshop, lightroom, bridge, etc. – it is so worth it and recommend it to anyone.

But since I started this business, it has become a necessity for me to learn it in order to make my photos look better, turn my art into digital downloads, design ads….the sky is the limit. I haven’t figured out how to make it cook supper for me though so that is a bit of a downer! LOL – hate cooking so much – anybody else have this problem?

I dare say that this would have been far easier when I was younger but feel pretty proud of myself on what I have learned so far and wanted to share some of it here.

Multicolor Quilled Paper Earrings

Deer wearing ear candy!

Photoshop is vast and I have only just begun! So here goes – it was necessary to turn the background of some of my photos into transparent backgrounds so I could paste onto other photos. I found a nice free stock photo site called www.pixabay.com and have downloaded a few that I liked. I saw this cute deer (maybe a doe) and those ears made me laugh and just cried “earrings” to me. So I chose a pair of earrings I liked and made a transparency of the left and right side of the earrings and pasted them onto the deer’s ears – created a cute ad and it has brought a smile to many. Of course, I was hoping for a few sales for my efforts but here’s hoping someone will fall in love with the earrings. Of course, there are lots of other earrings to choose from……so maybe in the next few days you will get a chance to check them out or share with family and friends.

Pink & White Teardrop Quilled Paper Earrings

Multicolor Quilled Earrings

And while I am at it – I am going to try to post a video I also played with about this ad – let me know if you enjoyed it or not.

Hopefully this link to the earrings will work =


Well that’s all folks! Signing out to do some more learning.

P.S. I will be posting an ad in the next day or so about a Labor Day sale. Stay tuned to more photoshop ads…..lol

Take care and be safe. I would love to hear from you – email messages are always welcome!



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