Merriest of Seasons for Many – Ho Ho NO

Merriest of Seasons for Many - Ho Ho NO

A lone soldier….

I felt like sharing this; hope you will take the time to read and decide to do this.

As we go along our merry way this season, perhaps we could treat everyone a bit better than we may normally do. It actually would be nice to adopt this year round but occasionally we slip don’t we? During the holidays I think we often overlook those that may be struggling a bit more because everyone around them seem jolly and excited and discussing their plans, their gifts, their family, etc. But what about those that are all alone? It must be daunting to try to feel excited about a Christmas that will be spent alone. Do you know someone like that? Why not invite them to spend the day with you and show them extra care this holiday season. Sure you will have your family and all the excitement that comes with that, but to be included in that would warm their heart don’t you think? And I’m not talking just about our veterans, but also our senior citizens, etc. But this particular blog is about our veterans.

I often remember a day that I spent all alone. It was many years ago (1978) and I was in the U.S. Army at the time; stationed in Fort Hood, TX. I wasn’t able to take any leave (vacation) because of my duties required me to be present and I was so sad because it was one of the first Christmases away from home; and certainly the first time that I was spending it alone and without my family (Daddy, Mother, and several siblings) and there was no one in the barracks except me – everyone had gone home or wherever…. So I thought it would be nice to hear my mom’s voice so I walked to a payphone (yes that was how we once communicated long distance) – so I called collect and she accepted and as soon as  heard her voice and started crying – yes soldiers cry. I missed her so much and felt that horrible pain for the first time of being so alone. I was so thankful though to be able to hear and talk to her. That was my Christmas present and it meant a lot to me.

Here is a link that you may consider checking out that has a great deal of info on how we can help our military and families year round but especially during the holiday season.

Merriest of Seasons for Many - Ho Ho NO

Send a card and let them know you are thinking of them.

If you decide to take action this season and need a card I do have them if you want to place an order; the inside is left blank so you can write a note   to the service member.





Here is a link to a popular card but of course, there are many to choose from if you don’t have one to use already.     



Thanks in advance for thinking about a veteran. They will surely appreciate you.

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