I posted something in a group I belong to that was an eye opener about planning or my lack of…..

I just learned something about myself – I don’t plan…..seriously – that is why I struggle with everything that is taught in Flourish. This is quite an eye opener for me…..lol – anyone else like that?

I seem to just create what I need as I get there. LOL 😂

My art is definitely a reflection of how I have lived my life….not much planning – just jump in and hope for the best. My art likes it. My business may not….that Flourish planner may help if I actually stick with it….(trying not to smile)

For example, I think I will blog about this on my website….Just jump in there and start rambling…. ha! ha! But it might not be such a bad idea and will give my art some more personality….not that it needs it but for others maybe I can touch a heart or two.

Ok J U M P!

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