Popular Wedding Dates – How Did You Choose Your Date?

These are Popular Wedding Dates – How Did You Choose Your Date? According to the Knot, the following are/were the most popular wedding dates in 2018 – I wonder why?
1. August 18, 2018
2. October 20, 2018
3. October 6, 2018
4. September 22, 2018
5. September 15, 2018
6. October 13, 2018
7. June 23, 2018
8. May 19, 2018
9. June 16, 2018
10. June 2, 2018
I found this interesting because I had always heard that it is the springtime that more weddings occur. Or better known as “wedding season.” I also expected to see more weddings on Valentine’s Day….ha! ha! Regardless, just curious when your wedding is/was? And would love to hear how you chose it.
Mine was in January and thinking back on that I have no idea why we chose that month. Living in southern California just about any time would be ok for an outdoor wedding, right? Wrong…it was clear that day but pretty cold as I recall. I chuckle when I think of several were in the garage with the dryer vent tubing pulled out and pointed toward them and the dryer turned on, so they could warm up….genius! Do you have any memories that were as comical? Would love to hear them.
Since I am reminiscing about my wedding another fun topic was walking down the aisle as a bride and since it had rained oodles and oodles before the wedding day the ground was very soggy, so my heels would stick through the grassy ground like spikes….So not sure I was very graceful as I had to put a bit more effort in lifting my foot with each step. I probably looked more like a majorette. I probably could have pulled that off better had I had a baton instead of a wedding bouquet. (Chuckle chuckle)
I think that is what is great about wedding day – you can look back on it and smile at the various situations that seem to come with trying to make it a “perfect day.” But the greatest part about that is no matter how many things or situations come up – you will always remember it and usually always remember how fun it was to share the day with your family and friends but most of all to share that day with the person you chose to love….how cool is that? It is the only time in our life that we can actually say “I choose you!”
Our wedding is one of the most important events in our life, so it is no wonder that we remember it so well and not surprising that a wedding invitation is one of the most popular and often treasured parts of a wedding. Which brings me to the wedding invitation keepsakes that I offer in my shop. As I am creating these I feel like I am part of the couple’s very big day and so jazzed that someone thought enough to offer a personalized/customized wedding gift for them. It makes me smile and warms my heart that my creation becomes something they treasure for the rest of their life. In the wedding keepsake I try to capture their wedding colors and theme, if there is one, and thankfully, so far all have been happy with the creations. I am also very thankful for everyone’s support and hope you will share with others too in order to help my business grow. Thank you!
Here are a few pics of recent keepsakes, as you can tell each of them are as unique as the couple that will be receiving them as a gift.
Red Black and Silver Wedding Invitation Keepsake Gift Colorful Floral Wedding Invitation Keepsake for Couple Rustic Floral Wedding Invitation Keepsake Gift for Couple
Floral and Gold Wedding Invitation Shadow Box

Floral and Gold Wedding Invitation Shadow Box

Framed Wedding Invitation Keepsake

Framed Wedding Invitation Keepsake

Wedding invitation displayed on a wedding table

Framed Wedding Invitation Keepsake for Couple

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