Blogging with Debbie K Brown Quill Artist

This will be a space to share new products and a collection of musings on the creative process and life in general. Childhood memories, artistic inspirations and demonstrations of the craft of paper quilling will all be topics of conversation.

Learning photoshop – multicolor quilled earrings ad

Well howdy folks! It has been a while since I have posted anything - sorry but I have been busy learning so many things; spent the weekend really studying photoshop - that is a program that I have always been curious about and had always wanted to learn just for the...

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Learning digital downloads plus some

Learning digital downloads plus some... Woke up very early because I was excited to start learning something new to add to my on-line business - learning digital download. Oh my - I am using photoshop which I am also attempting to learn and using photos that I am also...

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What could be better than a world filled with color

What could be better than a world filled with color? Today, a day before Easter I had an opportunity to visit with my dear friend, Sue who is also my war buddy. So we got together with her sister, Nancy and the three of us colored ALL OF THESE eggs! What fun! I have...

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It is already April – wow!

  Business is picking up a bit but it should be better - one of these days! In the meantime, I have been giving free monthly classes at a retirement community nearby and I think the ladies that are attending are having fun - there were a few that dropped out but...

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End of 2016 Reflection and Forward Thinking

End of 2016 Reflection and Forward Thinking It has been an exciting year I must say; not only from my perspective as a new business owner but also as an artist, entrepreneur, mom, etc. I reflect on the year and the only thing I can really say about what kept me going...

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Howdy folks – just want to say hi

Howdy folks - just want to say hi and spill a bit of my current thoughts. Hope you don't mind. How are things going for all of you? Things are beginning to look up for me which is a blessing for sure. I sometimes wish I could turn my brain off but when you have a...

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