Give a Wedding Keepsake; Not Just a Gift

If you are searching for the most perfect gift for a new couple; this is it. The Personalized and Customized Wedding Invitation Keepsake Makes a Perfect Gift for Couple. Why? Because it is created with the invitation and wedding in mind to include the theme as well as the colors in the wedding. The wedding invitation is one of the most popular items of a wedding that is saved so by placing it in a shadowbox along with embellishments that include colors and theme of wedding it can easily become a forever keepsake that can be hung on a wall or placed on a shelf/table to be treasured. So give a wedding keepsake; not just a gift and it will be a huge hit with the couple.

  • Size:  8″ x 10″ framed keepsake
  • Frame color choice: Black or White (sorry no frame available if shipped outside of U.S.)
  • Quilled paper embellishments
  • Quilled and shaped flowers
  • Please allow 1 to 2 weeks before shipping
  • Photos include a few invitation keepsakes samples of some of my creations

Every mosaic art piece is completely unique and can vary slightly in different color combinations. These are examples of my work just to give you an idea all of the possibilities – I love to work with my customers to deliver exactly what they order…often times I far exceed their expectations.

If you would like to customize the art I would ask that you choose at least 3-4 of your favorite colors and have Included a color chart with all the color possibilities that could be included for the custom made gift (please specify the colors of your choice when ordering – send me a note to further discuss if you have any questions).

How this works?

Place your order – you send the invitation to me (I will provide the address upon purchase) – I begin creating and will reach out to you with questions such as:

  1. Theme of wedding?
  2. Colors in the wedding?
  3. Were there particular flowers involved in the wedding?
  4. A little history of the couple; maybe a favorite color, etc.

What is quilling?

Quilling is a paper art form that dates back hundreds of years. It is the art of taking thin strips of paper, of varying widths, and rolling, gluing and shaping them into different designs. You then take these little shapes and glue them together to create awesome quilled masterpieces. Quilling is also known as paper filigree. There is no end to the uniqueness that is being created for decorative and artistic purposes.

All of this has been carefully hand-painted with a sealant to make it water resistant and prevents fading. This sealant also provides a sturdiness. It is not recommended for repeated uses in a rooms with high humidity such as a bathroom.

The paper’s texture and color is of the finest quality available in the market.

For additional information on quilling, please visit the FAQ page.

To see when I have added product or to be kept abreast of upcoming sales, please like my page at

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 3 in


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