Handmade Artistic Designer Pillow Cover

What a great way to bring color into your home. These handmade artistic designer pillow covers will bring in a lot of cheer as well. The fabric has been created by a textile design company from my art called “Lighthouse Dream Life”. I am very proud of this art; a few years back I won a Grand Prize in competition against quillers from around the world. This epic work captures many of my childhood dreams and memories. My fascination of lighthouses and the dream to live in one; its location on a hill represents “Goose Pond Hill” where I grew up playing with my siblings – especially my seven (7) brothers; the bright colors represent my sister Cherl Fritz’s artistic talent; the irises remind me of my brother Dwight, who still to this day has “Irises” generated from our grandmother and mother’s flower gardens years ago; the Lone Star quilt in yellow & orange, is a replica of my grandmother’s quilt, while the other quilt called “Flower Garden” is a replica of one my mother made. Both hang from the miniature wooden clothesline that I recall was in our backyard, clothes always hanging from it and blowing in the breeze.

These pillows were cut to size and sewn together; a 7-9″ zipper has been sewn on the bottom of the pillow cover; this makes it easy to remove stuffing (not provided) and toss in the washer on a gentle cycle setting.

The fabric is 100% cotton with a texture similar to painter’s canvas but very soft. All fabric has been prewashed so there should be no shrinkage when you toss it in the washer on a gentle cycle. It is ok to iron on low heat setting.

Length is 14″ x 11″ wide

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