Pastel floral quilled wall art

Why not brighten any space with this lovely pastel floral quilled wall art? I see this as a piece of home décor in a sunroom – love to bring the outside in. Or perhaps soften your daughter’s room with these soft pastels. You could even cheer yourself by hanging in your office space.There are so many possibilities of decorating with this beautiful soft piece. For me it brings on a tranquil feeling when gazing at it.

10″ x 10″ white stressed frame
Triple layers of cream colored matting
Peach Floral opening 6″ x 6″

The canvas sheet has been coated with peach colored acrylic paint and adhered to a stiff backing. Using 1/4″ paper strips of various colors a floral arrangement was created and adhered to the canvas. Triple layers of cream colored mat board showcase this beautifully within a wooden white frame that has been stressed a bit.

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