Tree of Life Art for Christmas

Give this Tree of Life Art for Christmas and it just might bring to mind a cheerful beautiful day. Who wouldn’t want to treat someone to a glimpse of that?

3″ desk art (mini wooden easel included) or could be used as wall art by mounting on a complimentary background and framed.

Made of 1/4″ wide paper strips that have been quilled to the shape pictured. It has been adhered to large round border and an odorless glossy sealant has been applied to protect it from moisture as well as prevent fading.

Every mosaic art piece is completely unique and can vary slightly in different color combinations. A color chart has been included if you would like a customized piece – please send me a note to discuss.

What is quilling?

Quilling is also known as paper filigree. There is no end to the uniqueness that is being created for decorative and artistic purposes.

All of this has been carefully hand-painted with a sealant to make it water resistant and UV resistant. This sealant also provides a sturdiness. However, it is not recommended for repeated uses in a room with high humidity such as a bathroom.

The paper’s texture and color is of the finest quality available in the market.

For additional information on quilling, please visit the FAQ page.

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