Thanksgiving Day Count Our Blessings

Thanksgiving Day Count Our Blessings

This coming Thanksgiving I for one am looking forward to the festivities. Ordinarily I don’t really appreciate this holiday. To me it is a day of real work (cooking) which I really do not enjoy but necessary in order to feed my face to the point of a great deal of discomfort along with a very long nap.  It is probably one of the most unhealthy holidays we have but at the same time it is the only holiday that we freely gorge ourselves without shame……lol

This year is different though. I love that I moved back to my small hometown and it really does feel like I am home again. Not sure why because it surely has changed. But I feel safe here and there is something about driving along looking at the many farmlands along with the beautiful variety of trees that soothe my soul. I don’t think there is a day that goes by that I don’t count my blessings. This is new for me. I feel so happy.

I get to spend Thanksgiving with my son, my sister, her husband, 3 dogs and a cat (my cat will stay at home :()  I DON”T HAVE TO COOK. Here is a bit of table decor that is ready to be the centerpiece on your table. If ordered today it will arrive in time for the family gathering. Just click on this link

But as I get ready for Thanksgiving I am busy in my shop preparing for the Christmas holiday…..lots of work to be done and sure could use your support this year. 

Thanks for reading this blog and I want to wish each of you a very warm loving Thanksgiving.

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