Wedding Invitation Keepsakes Are a Forever Gift for Couples

I am pleased that these Wedding Invitation Keepsakes Are a Forever Gift for Couples; yes, because I am selling them successfully, but also because it does warm my heart to know that a piece of my creation will be enjoyed and cherished by a newlywed couple for years to come.

As I am creating these I sometimes get a glimpse of the couple if they have signed up on sites such as “the knot” and this helps me in the pondering stage. After I have received the invitation, photos, etc. from the person ordering this gift, I usually ask about the colors in the wedding and if there is a theme. Based on this information I then begin thinking about what paper colors I have and what background does it need. Next, I determine what color frame would be best – black or white?

Then the fun begins.…I make an assortment of flowers and flourishes to add to the borders. Then after I have made quite a few flowers I begin laying them out and moving them around until I find the perfect place for them. I sometimes will add a bit of jazz to it with pearl, gold or silver beads.

After framing it I stand back and try to put myself in place of the person ordering this and ask, “will they love it?” Then I make a few more additions and tada! It is complete!

I think back on how I got started making these and I owe it to a dear lady who had reached out to me with a note that said something like “I am so glad I found you! Then she went on to explain that she had been given a gift 50 years earlier by a friend who had made her one for her marriage. She sent a snapshot of it and asked if I could make both of her daughters one as a Christmas gift. I was beaming at the possibilities. So began my adventure into the wedding world and I have loved every minute of it. Someday soon I am going to reach out to that lady and let her know how much I appreciate the trust she put in me to create something so special for her two daughters. I am so thankful she found me too.

Below are a few more I have made — each a bit different because each couple is different. I would also like to add that these would be great for any memorable event. Feel free to send me an email, I would love to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot – I made a video, please check it out – I am still learning photoshop so it isn’t perfect….but some day. LOL

Embellished Wedding Invitation Keepsake for Couple

Keepsake framed for 50th wedding anniversary

50th Wedding Anniversary Keepsake for a Couple

Wedding Keepsake for that Special Couple

Wedding Invitation Keepsake for Couple

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