What could be better than a world filled with color?

Look at all the lovely colors

Sue, Nancy and me

Today, a day before Easter I had an opportunity to visit with my dear friend, Sue who is also my war buddy. So we got together with her sister, Nancy and the three of us colored ALL OF THESE eggs! What fun! I have never colored this many and aren’t they beautiful? We enjoyed a great meal of corned beef and cabbage & sweet tea. Yummy!

As we were doing this I thought of a story I had heard on the news recently about a young boy who had never seen colors other than black, gray and white (I don’t recall the name of this disorder) but at the time of hearing this I thought, “wow what would that be like?” I suppose if you had never seen color you wouldn’t miss it so much but what a shame for this little guy. The things we take for granted huh? The story went on the describe the invention (creation) of special glasses that can be worn that enable someone with this disorder to see color – how absolutely exciting and magical that must have been for him. Like the Wizard of Oz movie changing from black and white to color when the house carrying Dorothy landed.

Well, my days are filled with color – lots of color – I think it may be one of the things I love about quilling is all of the 115 + colors I have to work with. I am so thankful that I┬áhave been blessed with an ability to see color and distinguish the different colors.

I hope everyone enjoys their Easter weekend and are able to spend it with family or friends but mostly I hope we all take a moment to thank our Heavenly Father for all we have.

Talk to you later!



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