Wild Red Haired Girl in Crazy Garden Ending

Wild Red Haired Girl in Crazy Garden Ending

Wild Red Haired Girl in Crazy Garden Ending

Oh righty then! It is complete! What do you think? Would love to hear from you. Do you think it fits the title? “Wild Red Haired Girl in Crazy Garden Ending”

I think I am pleased – I love the bright cheerful whimsical garden and the carefree look of the little girl. The basket of flowers was interesting to make – I had some real wood pieces that I saturated in water so I could bend the as needed – I remembered this from years ago when I briefly played with woodworking – I’m glad that this snippet of memory came back to me.

In the photo she looks like she has a patch over one eye – lol – but on the actual photo it looks normal – this is good.

In a post on a Facebook group there is a lady by the name of Lara Noelle author of  “Become More Today” – today it was a discussion about why we have let our adult life take over our “child” life, for example when young,  we usually went outside our boundaries very easily of what was considered the norm and it was ok because we had the freedom to do so because we were children. She went onto ask ” Why did we just let it go and how can we bring it back into our life?” Just because we did it as a child, does not make it childish.  Interesting topic – maybe the secret to happiness is to embrace the child in us much more frequently – I think I will try to do so more often – life is way too short to be so stressed. I know I experience stress but there are others around me that I wonder why they haven’t keeled over with the amount of stress they carry around and seem to embrace on a minute by minute, daily basis. Which brings me to another thought – laughter – gotta have laughter and loads of it! I do a pretty good job of this I think! How about you?



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